A Grand Tour in Darlington

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A Grand Tour is now showing at the Crown Street Gallery, Darlington, opening until 1 July, with many of the original exhibits from 2010. We have produced some new pictures for this, our most successful exhibition.

A number of workshops will be held in the Gallery when members will be available to talk about their work:

Knit and Natter Session
Come and meet the Materialistics
...and help us finish a Kandinsky rug!
Saturday, 16 May: 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Children's Workshops
Make pompoms, French knitted loom bands and bouncy spiders!
Friday, 29 May
Session 1: 11.30am - 1.00pm
Session 2: 2.30pm - 4.00pm

Can't knit? Don't knit? Or just find it boring?
Explore alternative knitting with the Materialistics and help us make a new picture for A Grand Tour
Saturday, 13 June: 11.30 - 1.00

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