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I really enjoyed calling in and seeing all the art work.  All of these material pieces are wonderful!

What a wonderful range of textiles works. I love this exhibition – wish more people showed an interest in marvels like this, as people are missing out!

The minute I walked in this exhibition ‘grabbed’ me.  I really enjoyed looking at the different techniques.

Most interesting display. Well done to all artists.

Very good artwork from a dedicated artist.  It is nice to see good works of art displayed in the library.

The knitted/crochet exhibition is absolutely brilliant – especially the work of Sue McBride and The Kiss.

Fabulous exhibition – artworks recreated using fabric and knitting.  Inspiring J

Stunning, imaginative, skilful, learned.  Mind-blowing.

Absolutely ‘blown away’ with some of the work I’ve seen today. The time and effort that must have been spent creating these ‘works of art’ – absolutely brilliant

The Materialistics exhibition – it absolutely took my breath away.  I loved every bit of it and applaud all the exhibitors for their innovative and artistic interpretation of the various art works – I couldn’t be more impressed! Hearty congratulations and thanks to all the exhibitors.

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