A Grand Tour Is extended for four weeks

Our exhibition at Crown Street Gallery now ends on 30 July.

And we have had more lovely comments about our work...
  • Wonderful exhibition. Very imaginative and unusual.
  • Absolutely brilliant.
  • Makes a plain ‘woolly’ jumper look pathetic.  Very intricate work and a pleasure to see.
  • We have loved this exhibition – I have been twice, amazing!
  • I enjoyed this exhibition very much. A strange but wonderful idea.  It looks like an immense amount of work.
  • What an amazing exhibition. Very inspiring and vibrant colours made me feel very uplifted.
  • Absolutely fantastic exhibition. The standard throughout is top quality.
  • This is a fascinating and impressive exhibition.
  • An absolute joy.  All the artists are indeed very clever.
  • The knitting and textile art is fantastic.
  • Thought it was wonderful – wish there was a place you could go to learn how to do this stuff!
  • The Materialistics exhibition is exceptional.  What talent. Great to have access again to art in central Darlington.
  • This is a beautiful exhibition. Full praise to all the artists & craftspeople and to yourselves for putting it on.  Cheers!
  • Amazing technique and quality. A wonderful exhibition.

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